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Hi! I’m Charlie.

Emotional Intelligence Advocacy in, and out, of the tech sphere.

I work in the tech sphere. I've been a software engineer for about three years now. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree, and before that I attended school for a music education degree. The common thread in my life has been finding myself in spaces with a profound lack of emotional intelligence, kindness, and empathy. Both of the college programs I attended were fairly cut-throat and competitive at times, and neither music nor engineering placed any kind of value on being able to communicate in any way beyond the craft in which its' students were cultivating their skills. There's a funny overlap between an instrumentalist waxing poetic about the nuances of the Bach suite they're perfecting, and a tech bro raving about the latest esoteric language they found to play code golf with. 

Now that I'm more established in my career, I appreciate the opportunities I get to practice, refine, and improve my own set of emotional intelligence skills. I all but seek out workplace conflict just to experience the rush of a carefully worded I statements and coworker compromise to complete a given task.

So in lieu of that, I decided to start a website dedicated to spreading the good news of emotional intelligence, and how it can improve your work and personal lives. 

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